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i am currently trying to restructure my user roles. I want to create a User that can create/edit/delete pages, and can create/edit/delete fields and templates, but can not create/edit/delete users. As far as i see the is no specific permission for users, fields or templates. As i saw only superuser can edit templates and fields currently.

Have i overseen something or is it not possible with the default rights management to create a user with those permissions?


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I have already read this.

When i am trying to manage the access to different admin pages (like templates, fields, or users) i can only configure them in the admin template. Am i right that i can only grant access to all of those pages or none for a role (Message on users page for example: "Access is defined with this page's template: admin" )

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I suggest not to touch the admin template.

You can create a new role with permissions that you would like to provide for some users.

Edit the template that you want to assign the new role, click the Access tab. Click Yes, under 'do you want to manage view and edit access for pages using this template?'.

You also can do the same in field level, by editing each field that you want to apply for that new role. However, doing this way remember to put it in your documentation otherwise it will become a little bit complicated for maintenance in the future.

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The thing is the whole right management doesn't make so much sense. 

As soon as a user has edit rights for admin templates (which he needs to edit templates) he can edit itself and add any role he wants since all are managed by the same admin template. 

So how should I achieve this:

I want to create a User that can create/edit/delete pages, and can create/edit/delete fields and templates, but can not create/edit/delete users. 

@ryan is that possible with the core user rights management? 

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