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    • By louisstephens
      So I was tinkering around with the "select fields" field type and added it to a repeater. My thoughts were I could have a user select a field (textarea, text, etc etc) that I defined and give it a name (another field in the repeater) and create their own form on the page. To be honest, I am now a little lost with rendering the form and mailing the results as potentially the form will be unique and custom every time.  The only way I know to handle the output is by going about it this way:
      $forms = $page->form_select_fields; foreach($forms as $form) { if($form->name === "form_input") { //output input with custom name } elseif($form->name === "form_textarea") { //output input with custom name } } Is there a better way to go about rendering the elements from the repeater? As far as the custom sending goes, I am really at a loss since it would be pretty dynamic. Has anyone used this type of approach, and if so, how did you handle this without going insane?
    • By mikeuk
      (apologies if this looks too similar to previous topic I created, seems more logical as a new topic)
      I'm curious if anyone here is implementing something along the lines of Drupal's block / Joomla's custom (editable) module functionality?
      In other words, areas that are editable in the backend, that can be placed on multiple pages without needing to re-enter the content on each page it is used.
      I tried to do this using a page as a block, and then field type Page (to get a page within a page), but this led to issues with rendering, and more important this creates an object $page->fieldtypePage which is exceptionally large, so I would prefer to avoid that route.
      My guess is those that do it, do it outside of PW with PHP. But the 'blocks' being editable and creatable by a site editor is important so I need to explore this or find a different solution (or tell the client no-can-do).
    • By DarsVaeda
      I have the following simplified layout on my page:
      row1_card1 - row1_card2 - row1_card3
      row2_card1 - row2_card2 - row2_card3
      You can add as many rows and cards per row as you like. Each card has a title, text and a button whose text is the same on every card but should be editable too, just not individually.
      I wonder what is the best approach to do this without making it awfully complicated to setup in the admin from an editors perspective.
      I thought about a solution using a PageTable for the rows and a Repeater for the cards but that started to be complicated to setup even.
      It would be awesome if you could use the FrontpageEditing to edit these cards and even add more or add rows.
      How would you implement it?
    • By mrjasongorman
      I'm just wondering if there a way of creating block like functionality similar to say Episerver / drupal blocks??
      I guess i could treat the template as a view that loads in sever partials (kinda like blocks) ??
      Any ideas on this would be great.
    • By mrkhan
      i am trying to build one Page in CMS for menu Building.
      i have created a field name "menu_page" Page type & one text filed name "depth"
      now i have crated a new repeater name "menus" with above both fields.
      menus (repeater)                              menu_page (page type, single page)                              depth (text) now i add it one page name "header" and added values as bellow
      menus1              menu_page "about us" depth (0) menus2              menu_page "About Company" depth (1) menus3              menu_page "Products" depth (3) menus4              menu_page "Contact Us" depth (0) in my template file i have code as bellow
      <ul> <?php $menus=$pages->get("/header/"); foreach($menus as $menu) { ?> <li><a href="<?php echo $menu->url;?>"><?php echo $menu->title;?></a></li> <?php } ?> </ul> This shows TOP menu Menu but how to get SUB menu according to Dept of each menu.
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