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ProField Table Compatibility with Processwire 2.7.x

Alex CA

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I was just looking at this module Profields

It states that  except  Repeater Matrix ProField ,everything works with Processwire 2.6+. 

I am currently using Processwire 2.7.2 and I primarily wan to make use of Table and Autolinks. Has anyone using Processwire2.7 faced any issue with this module?

I am relatively new to Processwire and I do not want to end up buying a module which could have compatibility issues. Thanks

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23 hours ago, adrian said:

Ryan keeps old versions available from the download page. You should have no problem running those older versions on PW 2.x, but you will miss out on some features, like pagination in the Table field.

Alright I found the error. I had to install the module after adding it

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