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Front-End Page Editor - Multi Language


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is there anything else to configure for editing fields in multi-language mode ?

i'm always getting following message:

Edited language does not match current language (1143 != 1127)

when i try to save an edited field in an other language than default language ?

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I added behind Line 964 in /wire/modules/Page/PageFrontEdit/PageFrontEdit.module
https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/51629cdd5f381d3881133baf83e1bd2d9306f867/wire/modules/Page/PageFrontEdit/PageFrontEdit.module#L964 )

$user->language = $langID

which actually makes the following if condition 

($langID != $user->language->id)

always true. But it helps, that the fields are getting saved. But it seems to have some glitches in some cases: When two fields are edited and one of them has not been translated before its new content doesn't get saved and the translation stays empty. Editing only that field seems to work.

I think this code change shouldn't be done on a productive page, but it for now it works for me and maybe I'll find time to test this further. 

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I haven't used frontend editing for ages (always had issues with images fields or css conflicts or the like), but it might be worth to try disabling AOS if you have that installed and you are using the language switcher? I had some problems lately with that feature of AOS...

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