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Test for Page(s) but return its Parent?


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Hi there,

I have the following query:

$matches = $pages->get('/galleries/')->find("categories_selected=$category, private=0");

It actually returns the categories_selected Page(s) but what I want is the page that contains the matching categories_selected, in this case, the 'album' page. BTW, categories_selected is a Page field, the overall structure is /galleries/album.

Obviously, I could get a collection of none-private albums and then loop round them checking for matching categories. However, I wondered whether this could be done in a single query?


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This could also work

$pages->find("parent=/galleries/,categories_selected=$category, private=0");

parent= will look for direct children of /galleries/ only

And to make it complete this if searching for nested children

$pages->find("has_parent=galleriesID, categories_selected=$category, private=0");
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parent & has_parent - cool. I looked at the 'Selectors' page before posting and completely missed these two gems!

Thanks for pointing them out Soma; they are a very powerful addition to the querying toolbox :)

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