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ImportEverything! (Cannot read/open CSV file from field in page under admin)


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Pressing problem at initial posting:  I am working on a module that runs/previews (for pub/unpub) imports on importer page view. The template has to be in site/templates, so far as I know, so one is created there on install which includes a file to run from within the module, but then when it's run and tries to read the importer csv file it cannot, since it's in the admin, I guess... Is it possible to set the template page to a file in the module directory? Will that work?


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reference module in question
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I have this happening in the template file:

    if(file_exists($filepath)) echo $filepath;
    echo "<a href='$filepath'>csv</a>";
    $file = fopen($filepath, 'r');
    print_r(fgetcsv($file, 0, ',', '"'));

where $filepath = $this->source->url (in a class method). So it's the page's attached CSV file's URL. The link works and downloads the file, which supposedly doesn't exist, according to the preceding line. Why??

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