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anyone else annoyed with this IP.board software?


Great smiley debate  

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  1. 1. Should we have ascii or image smileys?

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This forum is buggin' the heck out of me...

For one, it doesn't translate standard smilies...

   ;-)   etc.

... becomes :-) and ;-) etc.

The WYSIWYG editor itself seems really quirky and buggy.

Most annoying thing so far, is the

 tag, which only seems to work properly when inserted by pasting into the dialog box after clicking on the toolbar... If you edit your post (or preview it) afterwards, the indentation in the pasted code is lost, and you have to delete it and click the toolbar button and paste (or type in) the formatted code again.

Using Chrome here, by the way.

Is anyone else annoyed with this forum software? Doesn't seem very well suited for code anyway...

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Well tough :P;)

Smileys/emoticons are an easy fix - we can manually add conversions so they will work, though it is not standard to have a hyphen in them and I've used a lot of forum software - more standard without. Like I say though this can easily be solved by adding more variations in the admin so that is neither here nor there.

Indentation is an annoying bug. It's on their list of things to fix.

Seriously though? Neither of these are showstoppers and no software is perfect (apart from PW).

Various editor improvements are coming in in v3.4 so I suspect a lot of the little quirks will be fixed then.

It's interesting to note that the editor that you guys don't like is ckEditor (I think - might be TinyMCE even) but there are indeed quirks with their custom implementation.

Compared to the previous software though I think it's a lot more useful overall.

In summary, it would be a huge pain to switch again and the alternatives all have their own issues, bugs and drawbacks so I don't think either issue is enough to even consider it.

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It's much better software, I think, thank a lot of what's out there. I enjoy using the "like" button to save time on replying to things and still indicate that I really love someone. :)

I also like the "search and replace" icon.


NO, "a!"

ha ha

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I might see if there's another editor option but I doubt there will be as it's not as easy as PW to change things like that.

The editor can be turned off completely via your profile settings and you can use BBCode instead, but that's not an amazing option - might be better for people used to other types of editors though?

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Let's again keep in mind, that the value of a forum comes from its members. So this forum is great.

But concerning the software I can contribute a nice bug feature: I tried to insert an image and always got the error: "Your post is to short"

(Flickr comes to rescue)

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I love the mobile theme, it's great.

That's true, although I also got problems sometimes on my androrids.

I dislike the CODE tag.

I hate when I copy paste I need to always use the "Paste as plain text", since otherwise it just messes up.

I alway use the clean button after copy paste.

The snappy bug when resizing the wysiwyg in chrome is pretty annoying too btw.

I'm not saying we should switch to the old I jsut prefered it simple style and it worked. I appreciate the work put into the new forum, I know how hard it is to find a good forum software and I also used quite some forums over the years so there's much worse.

Edit: And sometimes new replies post don't show up or I don't get notified by mail on some. Strange.

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I think they take time to build up a lot of bug fixes and release the next incremental version every month or so.

Whilst I prefer PW's style of being able to download the latest version of the repo to get almost instant fixes I can see why they do it like that. I just hope the next version resolves some of these issues.

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I love the forum software here, but agree the code bug is making me a little insane. :) I'm tempted to try and go in the code and fix it myself, but wouldn't know where to start. If IP.Board would just replace their rich text editor, I think they'd have a near perfect product.

The rich text editor bugs in IP.Board only seem to mutate and evolve… they fix one thing, and break another. But I kind of understand, as TinyMCE in ProcessWire is no different in this regard… fix one thing, break another, rinse, repeat. :) Rich text editors are just plain complicated and evil (though a necessary evil). But the world would be a better place if we all used lightweight markup languages instead.

The only other consistent problem I run into is that I my "View New Content" button (that I depend on) often completely misses some things. And I've lately had an issue with PMs showing up in my list, days after they were sent. Though I'm also getting old and sometimes wonder if I'm the one missing things, as the IPB behavior seems very random. So if anyone has ever been expecting a reply from me and didn't get it (whether in the forum or PM), let me know (email ryan at this domain), as it's very possible I never saw it.

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Smileys/emoticons are an easy fix - we can manually add conversions so they will work, though it is not standard to have a hyphen in them and I've used a lot of forum software - more standard without.


I've been using the nose on boards, Usenet, IRC and forums for at least 25 years.

Only recently have lazy kids stopped typing the nose because it's faster while texting and playing video-games.

Dropping support for the nose would be like dropping support for <b> or <i> ;)

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I like this forum. I've been reading some posts on mobile during the vacations, and must say that it works great. The code bug is very annoying, but the smiley issue doesn't bother me at all. I actually prefer typographic smileys, but don't want to be the only one disabling the faces ;)

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Turns out it did it whether it was a capital or lowercase, so I just changed it to this instead:

 // this is what it usually is on other forums
8) // this is another variation I've removed in order to play it safe

No previous posts with the code in should be affected, but I updated yours to check it works :)

I think part of the problem is that when moving from SMF to IPB it's carried some of this across so there was a mix of two sets of smileys, sometimes doing the same things.

You can run a poll if you like but I've done it already :PO0

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