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How to track user active time based on session login and logout

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How to track user active time based on session login and logout.

Basically, I want to get the report that each user login time and logout time/session inactivity time.

Is there any module available or we can use any hooks to simulate the above.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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If you want to see the current situation real-time, you could install the built-in Session Handler DB module. This changes ProcessWire to use database sessions (instead of storing session data on the disk) and also provides a handy overview under Setup > Sessions that displays currently active users, when they last did something, and where they are on the site right now.

I'm not aware of a module that would track this kind of data in the long term and/or store it in a log file, but I'm guessing that it wouldn't be terribly difficult to build one on top of the database sessions module. Someone else might have a better idea about this though.

The Login History module tracks when users last logged in, but it doesn't track logouts, so it's probably not much of a help in this case.

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