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Page Reference (AsmSelect) - Default value appears but is not set?

Lance O.

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I am using a "Page Reference" field to assign tags to products. The "Page Reference" field uses an input field type of "AsmSelect". In the "Settings specific to 'asmSelect'" section, the "Default value" is empty. However, there are four tags automatically added when I create a new product page. Every new product includes these same four tags. I'm using PW 3.0.62. Can someone confirm if this is a bug in this version? If it is, I need to let my client know that it will be fixed in an upcoming release. Or is something else at play here?

Exported "tags" field is below:

    "tags": {
        "id": 257,
        "type": "FieldtypePage",
        "flags": 0,
        "name": "tags",
        "label": "Tags",
        "derefAsPage": 0,
        "inputfield": "InputfieldAsmSelect",
        "parent_id": "/tags/",
        "template_id": "tag",
        "labelFieldName": "title",
        "collapsed": 0,
        "usePageEdit": 1,
        "icon": "tags",
        "allowUnpub": "",
        "defaultValue": "",
        "template_ids": "",
        "findPagesSelect": "",
        "findPagesSelector": "",
        "labelFieldFormat": "",
        "addable": "",
        "showIf": "",
        "columnWidth": 100,
        "required": "",
        "requiredIf": ""


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When you create a new product page a reference to some tags get automatically added to the product page, right? Is it your site or you are working with some clients you did not make? What tags are added?

It might be that it is done with some hooks. If so, you can check the site/modules folder for some suspicious modules and read through site/ready.php and/or site/init.php - they might be there :huh:.

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This is a site that I developed. I originally imported the products via the API. Only now default values are used when adding a product manually through PW. It seems to me that there is something cached that is causing defaults to appear. There are no hooks or modules that add defaults.

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