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Padloper for big eShop (1k+ products)


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Hello, I want to develop an eshop with processwire + padloper + any needed module (ex. ProCache n stuff).

Right now, the eshop is in CS-Cart and I hate it. Will pw be able to support "proper" eshop features such as some simple sales graphs, 1k+ products, shipping methods & costs, user registration, search history, order status, payment status (for bank transfers for example) etc.

For example I'm thinking that products and orders as sub-pages will be problematic (10k+ sub-pages)

I also want to know if it's actually worth it or if it would be better to move to a bigger platform which has some of these features out of the box.

Currently, the problem with CS-Cart is major lack of documentation which limits me in writing custom features (connection with shipping providers, export of data via CardDAV and more). Also CS-Cart is too complex to handle without documentation. I can manage and understand the code of PW but CS-Cart is just too big.

Of course the server is beefy enough to handle things even heavier than CS-Cart. My focus is on development process and workflow (I've already set up CD from github to a docker container for a small website)


EDIT: Sylius and Thelia2 really caught my eye. Comments on them will be appreciated

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Hi and welcome to ProcessWire,

First of all, I do not think 10k+ sub-pages would be an issue for ProcessWire, but as the database grows optimized queries and caching are a must which is possible with PW, especially if your server is fast enough since you can delegate some logic to PHP as well when that can cut down on SQL queries. What you will not get with ProcessWire out of the box are things like "sales graphs, shipping methods & costs, order status, payment status (for bank transfers for example) etc..." Padloper can help you there but even Padloper is more like a skeleton then an out of the box solution. I've never used it but that is what I have gathered by reading about it.

I have experience with WooCommerce and Magento v1, I wouldn't recommend any of them though. Magento is "over engineered" I think (they call it enterprise level, I call it unnecessarily complicated) and WooCommerce is just WordPress, so you know what it means...

If you feel confident with Symfony then the alternatives you found sound viable options to me.

I am working on a ProcessWire ecommerce site at the moment but I'm free in choosing external tools like Snipcart which is an alternative way to cut down on development.

Hope this helps a bit. Others might join in the discussion with more info on the topic.

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Maybe Magento 2 in conjunction with ProcessWire will fit your needs. Take a look at the post where I contributed a possible solution to get this working. If there are more people who are working with this approach, we get a nice bridge between the two systems.


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