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Create repeaters on module install


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Just for other peoples reference I've been using @adrian's coding here:

 as a function in my module:

protected function createRepeater($repeaterName,$repeaterFields,$repeaterLabel,$repeaterTags, $icon){
		$f = new Field();
		$f->type = $this->modules->get("FieldtypeRepeater");
		$f->name = $repeaterName;
		$f->label = $repeaterLabel;
		$f->tags = $repeaterTags;
		$f->icon = $icon;
		$f->repeaterReadyItems = 3;

		//Create fieldgroup
		$repeaterFg = new Fieldgroup();
		$repeaterFg->name = "repeater_$repeaterName";

		//Add fields to fieldgroup
		foreach($repeaterFields as $field) {


		//Create template
		$repeaterT = new Template();
		$repeaterT->name = "repeater_$repeaterName";
		$repeaterT->flags = 8;
		$repeaterT->noChildren = 1;
		$repeaterT->noParents = 1;
		$repeaterT->noGlobal = 1;
		$repeaterT->slashUrls = 1;
		$repeaterT->fieldgroup = $repeaterFg;


		//Setup page for the repeater - Very important
		$repeaterPage = "for-field-{$f->id}";
		$f->parent_id = $this->pages->get("name=$repeaterPage")->id;
		$f->template_id = $repeaterT->id;
		$f->repeaterReadyItems = 3;

		//Now, add the fields directly to the repeater field
		foreach($fieldsArray as $field) {
			$f->repeaterFields = $this->fields->get($field);
		return $f;
// usage
public function install(){
	$fields = array('title','body');
	$this->createRepeater("text_repeater",$fields,"Text repeater","", "file-text");


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For me, it looks like, adding to property repeaterFields does not work correctly. Changed it to the following:

$repeaterFieldIds = [];

foreach($fieldsArray as $field) {
  $repeaterFieldIds[] = $this->fields->get($field)->id;

$f->repeaterFields = $repeaterFieldIds;


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