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No children page links on the right side


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Pleased to meet you,my name is Csaba and I'm from Hungary.

I've just installed processwire to more places.

I created new parent and children pages.

The children page links are not displayed on the right side of the parent pages.

The sample About page is ok, Child page example 1 and Child page example 2 links are visible and live.

But my child pages are not displayed on the parent pages.

Please help!


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Hi Csaba and welcome to ProcessWire,

Can you please provide more info about the issue you are having trouble with? We need to see your actual code you are trying to use to display those links/pages so that we can help you out. Also, maybe you are modifying some existing site profile? If so, which one?

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1 hour ago, csaba said:

Thanks, it seems the problem solved in the following way:

I had to set sort settings on the children pages site when adding parent site.



Children are sorted by sidebar?! What kind of PW sorcery is this? :lol: 

Glad you got it sorted, and welcome to the forum @csaba

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