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One account for all users


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is it possible to use one account for all users? On a wedding users will get the same password which they can use to see wedding photo's. It's a very basic kind of protection, but it will be enough. I am only worried that 3 users can not be logged in on the same time with 1 account.

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  1. Add a password field to the album template;
  2. On the page, create a password and save;
  3. Add the form to the template;
  4. Add this code, or something similar:
    if($input->post->album_password) {
    	//save on session variable so if the user reloads the page, he/she can still be logged in
      $session->album_password = $input->post->album_password;
    if($session->album_password == $page->password) {
      //show content here
    } elseif($input->post->album_password && $session->album_password != $page->password) {
      $error = "Incorrect password";
    //echo error


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