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403 - forbidden message when filling url field


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Hi all. Some days ago I migrated my website from local (xampp) to online. Everything works fine exept one thing. When i try to fill a field of the type "url" (with an external link) i get an 403 - forbidden message. Writting text in textfields , body etc. works. Now I don't know if the problem comes from processwire or the server itself...
Did anybody have the same/similar troubles?

Thanks for helping!


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I had the same problem. Everything was fine on XAMPP but not on the live server. The reason is that on the server there is an apache module installed called mod_security. Add the following code on top of your .htaccess file and the problem will be fixed.

<IfModule mod_security.c>
  SecFilterEngine Off
  SecFilterScanPOST Off


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56 minutes ago, Cheryle said:

I read PWaddict explanation on the 403 problem.  However I haven't a clue what he's saying.  Where do I place this code?    What is the .htaccess file?  Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Go to your PW installation files. There you will find the .htaccess file among the site & wire folders etc. Open that file with an editor and paste the above code.

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i hava a same problem, but a little bit different. When everyone in here get a 403 Error when migarting from xampp to live server, i get 403 error when i testing my website at a xampp

Any suggestion for that?

Here i attach my code where i get an error code 

foreach($pages->get("/files/")->children as $child) {
              $page == $child;
              $pdf = $child->files;
              echo $pdf->httpUrl; //the url not show anything, but whenif i use $pdf->url, the url will show a file path directory
              echo "<tr><td>".$num++.".</td><td>".$child->title."</td><td>".$child->text_1."</td><td>".$child->text_2."</td><td>".$child->text_3."</td><td><a href='".$pdf->url."'</a>".$child->files."</td></tr>"; //when i click a url i get 403 error code


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