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the user can fill a form with two dates. when submitted, data will be saved as a page (unpublished) with these two date-fields.
then admin can publish the page.
is there a way just to output an overview of a year (screenshot) with all days having classes like free or reserved?


Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-14 um 20.34.52.png

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yes similiar. your site has events at some days. i need the opposite of that.
if there is no reservation you can choose the date.

that would be perfect for the contact-form!

the next thing i need, is just an overview of a complete year. it hasnt to be interactive, no links at all. just a plain overview showing which days are reserved and which free.
my question ist how to output a complete year and how to combine the exsiting reservated days with the output.



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Have you tried this this? Might be of use?

I've got it working using a repeater for the dates (but only 2 day courses start/end) if you need help.


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