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Hello everyone. I am trying to create a Lister like on the processwire demo page, where under the tab "Pages" you can directly go to "Skyscrapers". On all the tutorials I found on the internet Lister wasn't a core feature and you could create a new Lister on the module itself. Is it now a premium function under ListerPro or am I trying to do it the wrong way?


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The demo site uses Lister Pro (it's debatable whether pro modules should be used in the demo site but that's another discussion) but you can achieve something similar by using a bookmark for the basic core Lister.

Visit the "Find" lister and set up the filters and columns how you like to show the skyscrapers or whatever your pages are about. Then save that configuration as a bookmark on the Bookmarks tab.

The bookmark appears as a child menu item of the Find section, but as @tpr suggests you can include a link to the bookmark in the main Pages menu using the NavItems feature in AdminOnSteroids.




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