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Images are not saved permanently with ajax upload

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Hi :)

I'm using a lightly modified Version of ProcessSlider on my PW page (3.0.42).

But I'm having a problem with the file upload. It's using Ajax File upload to upload images, which is working fine at first, but the images are only uploaded temporarily (creation date 01.01.1970) when an image is uploaded and saved. When pressing the "save"-Button, this does not change. I'm guessing it's due to changes from PW 2 to 3?

This is the js that is calling the iframe upload, I think :)

I don't know what to do to amke it save correctly. Anybody who can give me a hint?

 * ProcessWire iFrameImagePicker plugin
 * Light verision of InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/pwimage/plugin.js
 * @return callback(src, width, height)

function loadIframeImagePicker(page_id, callback) {

    var page_id = page_id;//$("#Inputfield_id").val();
    var edit_page_id = page_id;
    var file = '';
    var imgWidth = 0;
    var imgHeight = 0;
    var imgDescription = '';
    var imgLink = '';
    var hidpi = false;

    var modalUri = config.urls.admin + 'page/image/';
    var queryString = '?id=' + page_id + '&edit_page_id=' + edit_page_id + '&modal=1';

    if(file.length) queryString += "&file=" + file;
    if(imgWidth) queryString += "&width=" + imgWidth;
    if(imgHeight) queryString += "&height=" + imgHeight;

    queryString += '&hidpi=' + (hidpi ? '1' : '0');

    if(imgDescription && imgDescription.length) {
        queryString += "&description=" + encodeURIComponent(imgDescription);

    if(imgLink && imgLink.length) queryString += "&link=" + encodeURIComponent(imgLink);
    queryString += ("&winwidth=" + ($(window).width() - 30));

    // create iframe dialog box
    var modalSettings = {
        title: "<i class='fa fa-fw fa-folder-open'></i> " + "Select Image",
        open: function() {


    var $iframe = pwModalWindow(modalUri + queryString, modalSettings, 'large');

    $iframe.load(function() {

        // when iframe loads, pull the contents into $i
        var $i = $iframe.contents();

        if($i.find("#selected_image").size() > 0) {
            // if there is a #selected_image element on the page...

            var buttons = [
                    html: "<i class='fa fa-camera'></i> " + "Insert This Image",
                    click:  function() {

                        var $i = $iframe.contents();
                        var $img = $("#selected_image", $i);

                        $iframe.setTitle("<i class='fa fa-fw fa-spin fa-spinner'></i> " + "Saving Image");

                        var width = $img.attr('width');
                        if(!width) width = $img.width();
                        var height = $img.attr('height');
                        if(!height) height = $img.height();
                        var file = $img.attr('src');
                        var page_id = $("#page_id", $i).val();
                        var hidpi = $("#selected_image_hidpi", $i).is(":checked") ? 1 : 0;
                        var rotate = parseInt($("#selected_image_rotate", $i).val());
                        file = file.substring(file.lastIndexOf('/')+1);

                        var resizeURL = modalUri + 'resize?id=' + page_id +
                            '&file=' + file +
                            '&width=' + width +
                            '&height=' + height +
                            '&hidpi=' + hidpi;

                        if(rotate) resizeURL += '&rotate=' + rotate;
                        if($img.hasClass('flip_horizontal')) resizeURL += '&flip=h';
                        else if($img.hasClass('flip_vertical')) resizeURL += '&flip=v';
                        $.get(resizeURL, function(data) {
                            var $div = $("<div></div>").html(data);
                            var src = $div.find('#selected_image').attr('src');

                            callback(src, width, height);


                }, {

                    html: "<i class='fa fa-folder-open'></i> " + "Select Another Image",
                    'class': 'ui-priority-secondary',
                    click: function() {
                        var $i = $iframe.contents();
                        var page_id = $("#page_id", $i).val();
                        $iframe.attr('src', modalUri + '?id=' + page_id + '&modal=1');
                }, {
                    html: "<i class='fa fa-times-circle'></i> " + "Cancel",
                    'class': 'ui-priority-secondary',
                    click: function() { $iframe.dialog("close"); }


            $iframe.setTitle("<i class='fa fa-fw fa-picture-o'></i> " + $i.find('title').html());

        } else {
            var buttons = [];
            $("button.pw-modal-button, button[type=submit]:visible", $i).each(function() {
                var $button = $(this);
                var button = {
                    html: $button.html(),
                    click: function() {
                if(!$button.hasClass('pw-modal-button-visible')) $button.hide();
            var cancelButton = {
                html: "<i class='fa fa-times-circle'></i> " + "Cancel",
                'class': "ui-priority-secondary",
                click: function() { $iframe.dialog("close"); }


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So, I compared this file with /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/pwimage/plugin.js and couldn't find any discrepancies.

So maybe the problem lies within a different file? It seems to call just an iframe, so I'm not sure why it would be different for ckeditor and te module...:'(

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I have not been able to solve this properly.

I cheated in order to stop losing images. I added a DB update and changed the file "last-edited"-Date in the module file (InputfieldSlider.module).

Now everytime a slider is saved, it updates all temp image files to permanent files. Not a very clean way to do it, but it saves me from losing data for now :)

This is what I added:

	$sql = 'SELECT `pages_id`,`data` FROM field_images WHERE created LIKE "1970-01-01 01:00:10"';
        $query = $this->database->prepare($sql);

        $rows = $query->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_CLASS);

        foreach($rows as $row) {
            $path = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].'/site/assets/files/'.$row->pages_id.'/'.$row->data;
        $sql = 'UPDATE field_images SET created=modified WHERE created LIKE "1970-01-01 01:00:10"';
        $query = $this->database->prepare($sql);


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