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Ready-made template websites for sale and copyrights

Aleksey Popov

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Hello. My name is Alexey, I'm a designer.

So it turned out that I got carried away by ProcessWire and made several sites (links below the post). I have a desire to make template sites for sale on various markets (where possible), as well as on my own site.

I'm clear understand the difference between ProcessWire and WordPress and it's not about templates, but about simple, ready-made solutions that can been easily customized if necessary.

I would like to discuss here the possibility of such activities in particular the rights of modules authors. Consider for example a hypothetical site: 

A simple corporate site in which (commercial and non-commercial) modules are used:

  • AdminTheme
  • BatchChildEditor
  • ClearCacheAdmin
  • EmailNewUser
  • FieldtypeColorPicker
  • FieldtypeMatrix
  • FieldtypeMultiplier
  • FieldtypeRangeSlider
  • FieldtypeRepeaterMatrix
  • FieldtypeSelect
  • FieldtypeTable
  • FieldtypeTextareas
  • FormBuilder
  • ImportPagesCSV
  • InputfieldCKEditor
  • MarkupSimpleNavigation
  • MarkupSitemapXML
  • PageEditPerUser
  • PageTreeAddNewChildsReverse
  • ProcessCustomUploadNames
  • ProcessDatabaseBackups
  • ProcessExportProfile
  • ProcessTemplateEditor
  • ProcessWireUpgrade
  • TextformatterAutoLinks
  • TextformatterVideoEmbed


Obviously the use of commercial modules should be discussed with Cramer (or others) personally but can I use non-commercial ones in the similar projects? 

In general maybe this has already been discussed?


Some of my works of PW:







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Regarding commercial modules you should definitely ask the author of the module first, this may or may not be an issue for them.

My opinion (IANAL) is that you can freely bundle open source, non-commercial modules with the site even though you're selling it "like a theme". Only exception to this would be a module with a license that doesn't permit this, but personally I'm not aware of any (non-commercial) modules like that.

The point here is that each module is a separate entity that can (and should) declare a license of it's own. If, for an example, you want to bundle a GPL licensed module with your commercial "theme", that's fine, but you cannot change the license of said module. Basically this just means that whoever buys a theme from you may not redistribute your theme as a whole (unless you permit it) but they *may* still redistribute bundled modules individually.

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