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Merge selectors


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@AndZyk thanks.

Yes, there are associative and regular arrays used for selectors. It is exactly a reason of the question - how to merge them and get one:

$selector1 = 'template=basic-page|product';
$selector2 = [
  'title|body%=' => $sanitizer->text($input->get('q')),
$selector3 = [
  ['categories', '=', $input->get('categories'), 'int'],
  ['sort', '-created']

$selector = mergeSelectors($selector1, $selector2, $selector3); // <- I need this kind of method
$results = $pages->find($selector);


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Hi @valan, you need something like this?

$selector1 = "template=basic-page";
$selector2 = "status=123";

$mergedSelectors = $this->wire(new Selectors($selector1));
$mergedSelectors->add($this->wire(new Selectors($selector2))); // Updated see comment valan

// to output a PageArray

echo $this->wire('pages')->find($mergedSelectors);

// or to output the selector as string

echo $mergedSelectors->__toString();

// See: /wire/core/Selectors.php


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fixed a code error
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And how to merge them as a OR ? 

Found it: 

$mergedSelectors = new Selectors();

$mergedSelectors->add(   '(' . $selector1  . ')' ) ;

$mergedSelectors->add(   '(' . $selector2  . ')' );

$mergedSelectors->add(   '(' . $selector3  . ')' );

will result in 'or grouped' selectors  


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found it
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