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Send Email only once with php


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I have a foreach loop on a dashboard page where I sorting the pages titles to different columns based on a date field. Unfortunately, I am doing it with multiple different if statements for the sorting (with multiple foreach loops), as I needed something quickly for testing. I thought it would be nice to implement wireSMTP to send an email out to alert the users that created the pages, which I got working in no time. However, now I have hit a roadblock. The dashboard page has a javascript function that refreshes the page every few hours to get the changes in the date, which then triggers the $mail to fire the email out. 

I guess my question is there a way to limit the emails to be sent out only once the date/time has changed once instead of it firing every time the page refreshes?

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maybe you can store it in $session and check this before sending the emails?

if(true !== $session->emailsAlreadySent) {  // or: wire('session')->emailsAlreadySent
	// code to sent emails here
	$session->emailsAlreadySent = true;


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Thanks @horst, I actually figured out a way, though it might not be the prettiest/best solution. I ended up adding a checkbox into the templates called email_alert_recipients, and doing: 

 if ($today > $post_date && $testing->email_alert_recipients == 0) {
	$testing->email_alert_recipients = true;

	// Email Config Below
	// ...

Thus far, I have not had any issues with it (fingers crossed).

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