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Keep getting Error: Exception: Missing system template: 'permission'


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I am trying to install Processwire + an exported custom profile and keep getting this error:


Error: Exception: Missing system template: 'permission' (in /home/mypath/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 416)

This error message was shown because: install.php still exists. Error has been logged.

Does anyone recognize this? What could cause this?

I have installed Processwire + exported profiles many times before, never had problems. I have reuploaded fresh downloads for this, both regular master and dev, but keep getting the same thing.

I am probably doing something dumb. Probably not a structural PW issue. I am out of ideas, so any feedback appreciated.


Finally got something to install using the standard blank profile, instead of an exported profile. I am now manually reconstructing my custom site, using the new import/export functions - hit or miss so far. Did those break the ProcessProfileExport module?

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