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No files in assets/sessions directory


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I don't see any files in assets/sessions directory. Both are in chmod 755.

Previously I was running with sessions in DB but it seems the DB can't handle the load on my shared hosting (too many restart...).

So I'm disabling the sessions in DB.

I can login in my website but I don't see any files on my host ? Perhaps PW handles that in local only, on my browser...

Before I set up the sessions in DB my users were complaining because the sessions were too short.

This is what I have in my config.php :

$config->sessionExpireSeconds = 4320000; // 50 days
ini_set('session.cookie_lifetime', 4320000);    
//$config->sessionExpireSeconds = 432000; 
ini_set("session.gc_probability", 1);
ini_set("session.gc_divisor", 100);

Any ideas ?


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There are many on this forum who would like to help you.  Could you provide some additional information regarding your ProcessWire installation, third-party modules installed and any other special setups/configurations you may have made?

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Hi @cstevensjr,

Sure : 

I'm using PW 3.0x, No fancy module : CK Editor and multilanguage stuff.

I've just discovered that sessions files are created on my laptop (mac) but when it's uploaded, sessions directory stays empty.

That said I cannot see any differences in the config, but I'm still looking (there must be some differences...).

Directories permissions are the same on site, assets, and sessions.

I've just read again the security/permissions sections but no more clue right now.


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Hi szabesz,

Good idea : 

I read "/tmp"...

So what does that mean ? Perhaps I can modify that and store them on site/assets/sessions ?

The problem is, wherever it's stored today, it doesn't live long enough, and users complain (gently).

The problem was "solved" with database sessions, which lived long enough, but the db was hit too much.


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As far as I can see, it is set in Session.php:


if(ini_get('session.save_handler') == 'files') {
	if(ini_get('session.gc_probability') == 0) {
		// Some debian distros replace PHP's gc without fully implementing it,
		// which results in broken garbage collection if the save_path is set. 
		// As a result, we avoid setting the save_path when this is detected. 
	} else {
		ini_set("session.save_path", rtrim($this->config->paths->sessions, '/'));


So I guess it is possible to set it in config.php with $config->paths->sessions, see

I tried it with absolute path and it works for me, e.g.:

$config->paths->sessions = "/Users/user/MAMP/siteroot/site/assets/mysessions";

I think "/tmp" can be the system default which gets purged so that is why you have issues with it. But I'm just guessing, I'm not a Linux admin kind :) 

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Ok, still stuck to /tmp but I think it's a good idea to look in this area.

I've checked my dev phpinfo() and it show the sessions in the assets/sessions directory (for local value, master value still in /Applications/MAMP/tmp/php).

So my goal is to change that value (local) in my prod setup.

to be followed !


Update : My host doesn't authorize me to make any changes in that location, so I'm stuck with DB sessions for now. I'm studying some other hosts.

Thanks for helping me !

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