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Pages by any other name

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Do any of you developers refer to “pages” by any other name when you’re explaining PW to clients? I ask because it seems like the term “page” sounds fixed or dated. When I create pages that simply are look-up data (pulled into fields, etc.), they're more like a collection of data and not pages directly accessible on the front-end.

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Not especially in order to explain it to clients, but for me they are like (data) objects (or items, or how you prefer to call them).
And there can be several different types of objects of course.

I guess you could also call them field(/data) objects (collections, containers, or whatever term makes more sense depending on the case).

Or field-template-page objects, etc.

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@HMCB This blog post by @clsource should clear things up a little bit:

When talking to clients, you might want to mention that in the ProcessWire world a Page (=> "special PW terminology") represents a database record. Most of the time it is just enough for them to know as most of them are not skilled enough to digest too much in this regard.

Since you are free to label/name your pages whatever you want to (using some appropriate names, of course), you should do so and when talking to clients just refer to those "pages" by using their labels/names.

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