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Class 'Wire404Exception' not found

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 I'm using "throw new Wire404Exception();"  in my template, it worked fine. After Migrating to an other server and Upgrading to PW 3.0.62 I got an Error "Class 'Wire404Exception' not found" . I spent the day yesterday unsuccessfully to understand the reason. Is there any reason, why PW can't find this class? The Exceptions.php in wire/core exists.


I beg your pardon, if this topic should be discussed here yet - the search items 'Wire404Exception' and 'not found'  leed to many other results not related to the class itself. :-)

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Howdy @Thorsten, and welcome to the forum!

The only thing I can think of in my limited experience is since it is a different server maybe the rewrite in htaccess is not correct. If throwing this exception worked on a previous server, and now does not work on a new server, that leads me to believe there is something out of whack with the new server.

Others more knowledgeable will be along shortly to help further.

Again, welcome to the fold.

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Have you declared namespaces in your templates files? 

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Thank you for the answers.


@rick The .htacess has the same configuration, I checked this before.


@Zeka No, i didn 't. I just transfered the template files. I didn 't know that could be neccessary. I'll try it (need to check how it should be done).

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Thank you very much, @Zeka, this was the solution indeed. Now I get the Error 404 as intended.


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      /** * Hook called upon 404 from ProcessPageView::pageNotFound * */ public function hookPageNotFound(HookEvent $event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; // If there is a page object set, then it means the 404 was triggered // by the user not having access to it, or by the $page's template // throwing a 404 exception. In either case, we don't want to do a // redirect if there is a $page since any 404 is intentional there. if($page && $page->id) return; [...] The documentation makes sense here but is the opposite of the desired effect.
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