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wierd back button bug (?)

Doug G

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I have a self-hosted (centos7) development server and a test site pw 3.0.61dvl with uikit admin theme and new regular blog profile. PW is installed to a directory, and my only change to .htaccess was to add RewriteBase to /myfolder/.  Web server is apache using ispconfig3 and fast-cgi

I was getting occasional "too many redirects" errors when testing on my android phone, and finally spent some time today finding how to duplicate the problem.  If I log in to the admin (as an added admin user), then immediately log out, then hit the back button in the browser, I get the "too many redirects" error.  But if I close the browser or re-type the url to the browser I get back to the login page.

I thought it was my android google chrome, but I can duplicate the error using desktop firefox or chrome.

I'm not sure this is processwire related, although I haven't encountered this problem elsewhere. Any thoughts welcome.

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