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Get the same 'set password' form on the front-end

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How do you get the same 'set password' form/input fields on the front-end as in the admin area?

I have a working front-end version, but the admin version has some nifty stuff around it. Should be easy to get the same on the front-end, right?

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The nifty code:

$base = wire('config')->urls;
$cssUrl = $base->InputfieldPassword."InputfieldPassword.css";
echo '<link rel="stylesheet" href="'.$cssUrl.'">';

$jsUrls = array();
$jsUrls[] = $base->InputfieldPassword."complexify/jquery.complexify.min.js";
$jsUrls[] = $base->InputfieldPassword."complexify/jquery.complexify.banlist.js";
$jsUrls[] = $base->JqueryCore."xregexp.min.js";
$jsUrls[] = $base->InputfieldPassword."InputfieldPassword.min.js";

foreach ($jsUrls as $jsUrl) {
	echo "<script src='$jsUrl'></script>";


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