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CKeditor and UIkit 3


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Hi all,

I have been searching a bit everywhere but except for UIkitty (for Drupal) I can find very little reference to CKeditor and UIkit combined.

Unless anyone can convince me otherwise, I would love to have my CKeditor to run with UIkit classes. Is anyone doing it? 

What files must I add, where do I find them  and what must I change where? Not only for me but for anyone wanting to use UIkit in the front- and backend, I think it would be wonderfull to be able do so ...  

Many thanks in advance!


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I believe you would have to customize ckeditor with a plugin, such as this one for bootstrap. Also here is a Drupal module meant to add uikit button classes through a small dialog, could be a starting point for full fledged tool :) If you download the module you'll see there is a folder called ukbutton which is the actual Ckeditor plugin (example of plugin installation here)

You can also go for the absolute minimal way which is adding  Custom Style classes. 

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