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Variations: Pro Module for (Product) Variations & Attributes


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Released 29 May 2017

Variations is a simple yet powerful commercial ProcessWire module that allows website editors to create attributes and their values and from those generate variations of any entity, most notably products.

The module consists of  FieldtypeVariations and InputfieldVariations as well as a ProcessVariations for managing variations configurations and attributes.
Setting up the field is quite easy.
First, create a field of type Variations. Define some custom inputs that will need to be directly edited on the page containing the field, for instance a product price, SKU, etc.
Secondly, via the Inputfield, create a couple of attributes.
Thirdly, create a variations configuration and add the attributes and values you want in the configuration. Link that variations configuration to your page and the module will automatically generate all possible combinations (variations) of the attribute values in that configuration. These, together with the custom inputs you created when setting up the field will be displayed on the page (e.g. a product page), ready for editing. This makes this module quite unique; variations are defined at the page-level rather than at the field level. This presents lots of possibilities such as infinitely reusable attributes and variations configurations. 
For those using Padloper, integration with the e-commerce platform is quite simple as demonstrated in this tutorial. 

The module consists of 4 modules

  1. ProcessVariations
  2. FieldtypeVariations
  3. InputfieldVariations
  4. VariationsCustomTableManager (autoload module, working behind the scenes)

Video Demohttps://youtu.be/T93nn96UL8o



Requires: ProcessWire 2.5 or newer


  • Easily create variations of anything, including products for e-commerce websites, etc
  • Create an attribute once, use it everywhere, multiple times, picking and choosing all or only the attribute values you want
  • Bulk editing of variations configurations and attributes
  • Reusable variations configurations
  • Works with Padloper out-of-the-box with minimal coding
  • User-friendly, intuitive and easy to set up
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I’m bulding a small webshop with Padloper where i will have around 500 products, each with a lot of variations. These are digital products for download. Setting up the variations with PageTable is quite a mess. That’s why i’m considering using Variations for that. 

@kongondo in this post you mentioned:


Please note that, in respect of these subfields, there are no plans to include anything as near exhaustive as what Table does. Meaning, these will likely be limited to TEXT, INT, FLOAT, etc fields, but not complicated Fieldtypes such as Page fields, Repeaters, etc.

Does that mean that the download field can not be included?


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On 2017-6-15 at 7:46 PM, Jan Fromm said:

I’m bulding a small webshop with Padloper where i will have around 500 products, each with a lot of variations. These are digital products for download. Setting up the variations with PageTable is quite a mess. That’s why i’m considering using Variations for that. 

@kongondo in this post you mentioned:

Does that mean that the download field can not be included?


Any word on this @kongondo

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On 15/06/2017 at 7:46 PM, Jan Fromm said:

Does that mean that the download field can not be included?

Sorry did not get back to you earlier Jan. It seems as well that I misunderstood your question. Please clarify. Are you looking to have a dropdown select or asmSelect or similar for each variation from which you can select and specify a download or downloads for that variation? How are you defining your digital downloads? Is each download a ProcessWire page or are they physical files stored on the server?

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Renewals and Resend Links


Renewal and resend links pages for Variations have been added. Use renewals if you wish to renew a Variations order whose subscription has expired (1 year). Resend are for orders that are yet to expire. Use this if you can't find or didn't get the confirmation email sent after your purchase.

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On 7/31/2019 at 4:25 PM, elabx said:

Hi! Is this module working with recent versions of ProcessWire? Is it compatible with UIKit theme? 


On 8/8/2019 at 11:33 AM, eydun said:

I just bought this module. Any chance to make it compatible with UIKit?

Hi all. Just a quick update. I have been working on updating the module to make it ProcessWire 3.x compatible + add some improvements. Most of the work is done. I hope to release by next week. Thanks.

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Variations 002  (released 16/09/2019)

Happy to announce the latest release of Variations.


  1. ProcessWire 3.x support only.
  2. New GUI to match AdminThemeUiKit
  3. Save and exit or save and add more variations configuration or attributes (in modal)
  4. More granular control of custom column types and definitions: DECIMAL, FLOAT, DOUBLE, TINYINT, INT, VARCHAR, TEXT, DATETIME, TIMESTAMP, BOOLEAN, etc
  5. Decimal type better suited for price data compared to Float/Double
  6. Boolean type, useful for Yes/No type data, e.g. for sell out of stock? yes/no
  7. Datetime/Timestamp fields if required.
  8.  Column definitions: null, precision, scale, length, default value, etc.
  9. Required fields: if column is not nullable and no default provided, it becomes a required field. E.g. can set price not to be null.
  10. Default fields: For uses such as prefixing SKU-

Apologies that this has taken a while to update.


If upgrading from version 001, ProcessWire's Filecompiler will fight you. You might get errors such as Class ProcessVariations not found in file..... If you get such errors, first, try to clear your cache and compiled files several times. As a last resort, if clearing cache doesn't work (and I don't like this workaround), temporarily change the code in the offending file, e.g. in VariationsRender.php, where it says class VariationsRender extends ProcessVariations, change that to class VariationsRender extends WireData. Refresh the modules page until the errors disappear, then revert back to the original text (class VariationsRender extends ProcessVariations). I hate to ask you to do this but I've had it with the Filecompiler.


Documentation can be found here. However, it still needs updating to reflect latest changes outlined above. For now, please note that we've added an extra setting for setting the default date and time formats for datetime/timestamp custom columns/subfields. This is available in the Input Tab of the field.












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