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Strange multisite installation quirk

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I've been working over a number of sites into processwire, but I have come across a strange bug I cannot wrap my head around.

I'm using method #1. Single wire directory, multiple site- directories with index.config.php and config.php set up properly.

I've had no problem setting domains in the configs up until this point. www and root domains are loading perfectly. However I tried to add a subdomain value '' and I have put the bits in all the right spots. I get a 500 Internal Server Error.

If I change the subdomain to something else, same deal. Only domain.tdl and www.domain.tdl entries are working.

Any thoughts? I'm using the latest stable 3.X branch.

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    • By Jimmie Bragdon
      Wondering if anyone can help me get past a sticking point.  
      I'm setting up a Processwire instance in a multiple site setup (using Soma's multisite) to run several related websites.  I am getting stuck on the tagging system that I am using (adapted from a standalone PW site I'm running).  I have the tags themselves set up as Pages, and the Tags field on the related pages is and ASMselect field that populates based on the pages underneath /tags/ in the tree.  This system works fine on the standalone site.
      Where I am running into issues, is with trying to use them with the multisite setup.  Specifically, choosing the proper subset of pages for tags on the ASMselect input tab.  I want to choose only the tag pages for the site in question.  
      My tree is laid out like this:
      Multisite / 
                     | subsections
                     | subsections
                | Tags
                          | tagA
                          | tagB
                           | tagC
      So far, the best I've been able to do is to use  'parent.has_parent=/tags/' in the Custom Find or Selector String portion of the Selectable Pages section of the input.  This gives me the options of choosing tagA, tagB, or tagC on a page under  What I'd like to find is a selector that allows me to only see tagA, tagB as options from a page under and only tagC on a page under
      Elsewhere in my php templates, I'm using $page->rootParent->title to set the proper scope and URLs for things, but I have not found a way to get that to work in this field input setup.  I am trying to avoid creating specific fields and templates for each site, as unified templates were part of the purpose of going with a multisite install.
      Thanks in advance for any ideas.
    • By cosmicsafari
      Hi all,
      Just a quick question, when using the multisite module is there anything different that needs to be done in order to setup HTTPS for each of the domains its serving?
      Would a single SSL certificate for the main domain be enough to cover the others aswell or would you need multiple ceritficates one for each domain the mutlisite setup uses?
    • By phillipschmitz
      500 Error after the latest Core Update.
      I have no idea why and what causes the problem, or how to solve it. (Maybe reupload the wire folder?)


      Any ideas? 
    • By Peter Knight
      I think I've been through every GoDaddy related post on the forum but not had any success so far with this.
      Basically, a client's site started to throw various errors after a failed SSL install by their host. 
      Accessing results in an error and a redirect to
      Accessing http://www.domain.not gives a blank 500 page
        Im happy to side step the SSL issue at the moment if I could get the site up.
      I'm pretty sure it's a .htaccess issue as adding "blahdhdgdgd" to the start of the .htaccess file results in an "internal Server Error"
      Tried every .htaccess tweak I could find to no avail. Even restored an older .htaccess file from last week before the SSL issue doesn't work.
      It's a "real doozy", this one
    • By ethanbeyer
      I have a question about Multiple Site implementation, and how to possible "share" modules between them.
      First, required reading:  I'm dealing with Option #1.
      The way this works is that in the root directory of a site, there is an index.config.php file that denotes what domain is mapped to which site-*/ directory.
      The project I am working on has three site-*/ directories, each with their own site-*/modules/ directory.
      What has happened is that a lot of the modules from site to site are the same.
      I was wondering if there was any way to "share" modules between sites in the Multiple Site setup, via symlink or alias, or potentially if there was some roadmapped feature that @ryan has planned to solve this issue.
      Either way, any help/pointers would be appreciated!