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I Love The SkyScraper Demo but can I installed it from cpanel?


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Today I was looking online to see what Content Management Systems are out there when I came across ProcessWire and by far the thing that caught my eye the most was the SkyScraper Demo.

Until today I'd never heard of ProcessWire but the SkyScraper demo I saw looked so similar to a number of Google Maps based ideas I've had for such a long time.

For example creating a website for my local town of places to eat and things to do based on their location.

I have a shared hosting company that offers cPanel and when I checked ProcessWire 3.0.61 was available.

Is it possible to install ProcessWire through cPanel and then add the profile / files that make the Skyscraper Demo work?  or do you have to install everything from scratch? being able to add it after installing on cPanel would be awesome, since it also automated backups, upgrades, etc.

I'm very keen to play with the Sky Scraper Demo as I learn best when I have an existing demo site to edit and play with rather than starting from scratch with a totally blank website. Also are there any ProcessWire demo websites worth checking out that are similar to the SkyScraper demo, i.e. sites based on things on a Google Map?


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I would recommend learning how to install it manually. AFAIK profiles are installed when you install the system itself, because a profile is a complete, self-dependent collection of data, templates, modules, functions and a front end that all work together.

In terms of the cPanel automated backups, perhaps you can still have automated backups, even if you don't install PW using the cPanel installer.

In terms of upgrades, i wouldn't recommend any sort of automated upgrades, because with any upgrade you always risk something not working, so you'll want to use a stable version and then don't upgrade it unless absolutely necessary. ProcessWire is not like other CMS that have constant updates and security fixes. Sites run fine for many years on a stable version, and only need upgrading when you requires some feature of a newer version. In the case of upgrading, the process is such that you can fairly easily roll back any upgrade you make (to modules and core). For example if you upgrade a module using the updates module, then the old one gets renamed with a prefix dot. If something goes wrong with because of that particular module upgrade, then you can switch out the old one, but you need to do it using FTP.

In terms of playing with the Skyscrapers Demo, it is certainly worth checking out, both the structure in the admin, but  more importantly the template files where all of the PHP code is to make the magic happen.

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Hello @Dee Welcome to ProcessWire!

As stated above, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the "manual" (more like semi-automated) standard installation process. I wrote a step-by-step guide for cPanel, you might want to check it out: http://szabesz.hu/blog/install-processwire-in-a-subfolder-on-shared-hosting-cpanel_ins-sub/ In my tutorial I explain how to install websites running "side-by-side" from the same cPanel account, you might want to stick to it.

When I'm writing about the "Regular Site Profile", just use this one instead: https://github.com/dadish/pw-skyscrapers-profile as currently this is the only easily installable up-to-date version of Skyscrapers Profile. Please read the "Warning!" in its readme to make adjustments as described (FieldtypeMapMarker dependency).

The other profile I recommend exploring is the "Regular Site Profile". These two should give you an idea of how things are wired together with ProcessWire.

Have fun with ProcessWire and just ask for help should you get stuck.

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