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Hey all,

yesterday evening I started playing with the new uikit admin theme and I have to say I really like the way @ryan has developed it, it's relatively easy to modifiy it further.

It took me around 10 minutes to prepare the development pipeline (from installation, setup the build processes and grasp the directory structures), so I highly encourage every designer in here to get their hand dirty and start without any fear :D

I'm going to post in this thread my progresses, since my will is to dedicate every evening 1 hour or so with the purpose to release a visually pleasing and stable admin theme.

If you want to post your progresses in this thread too, you're welcome!

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5 minutes ago, tpr said:

body {filter: saturate(0)}

img {filter: saturate(1)}

calm version the quick way :)

Oh yeah, it can be done such way. I used this approach to create a dark version in the past. :) 

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