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setLanguageValue() doesn't work if setTrackChanges(true) isn't called before on multi language title


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As the title says, my code looks like this:

$aPage	 = $pages->get('selector');
$default   = $languages->get('default');
$language1 = $languages->get('language1');
$language2 = $languages->get('language2');
$aPage->title->setTrackChanges(true); // remove this and title will be empty
$aPage->title->setLanguageValue($default,   'title');
$aPage->title->setLanguageValue($language1, 'title1');
$aPage->title->setLanguageValue($language2, 'title2');

The reason I'm asking is I can't find any mention of this in the documentation and it took quite some time to figure out.

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Thanks for finding this elitLG! As you probably guessed, that's not the intended behavior-- you shouldn't have to calls setTrackChanges on your own. Thanks for the good example, I was able to duplicate here as well. I have updated the fieldtypeWakeupValue hook function in LanguageSupportFields.module to have the setTrackChanges(true) so that you don't need to do the above. This is now in the dev branch where it'll run through a little more testing just to make sure there aren't any side effects.

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