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Recurme – Processwire Recurring Dates Field & Custom Calendar Module.


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4 hours ago, itsberni said:


i noticed some problem with rendereing german umlauts.

My definition:

'monthFormat'     => '%B %Y',

Is there something to keep in mind?



Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-14 um 12.06.22.png


Do you have your html set to UTF-8? 

<meta charset="UTF-8">

Hope this helps. 

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@joshuag please take a look.
The special characters are represented correctly in the remaining website.

Could you please take a closer look at this issue?!

Many Thanks!


@joshuag Found a dirty solution for this issue.
Changes in the MarkupRecurme.module ( utf8_encode ) will do the trick.


Lines 543 + 1248


'month'			=> utf8_encode($this->wire('datetime')->formatDate($event->start_date, trim($options['renderEvent']['monthFormat']))),


$monthTitle = utf8_encode($this->wire('datetime')->formatDate($startTime, trim($options['monthFormat'])));

Perhaps you will find a cleaner suloution and add it into your next update.

Happy new Year to all you guys!!


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On 3/14/2018 at 9:10 PM, DonPachi said:

Fresh install of PW 3.0.62, I'm getting this error when installing the latest version of Recurme:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) in /var/sites/t/X/public_html/wire/core/Modules.php on line 3921

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) in Unknown on line 0

Never seen this before and I'm a bit stumped... Any ideas?

Edit: Increased memory limit with ini_set on the module to see where this goes and got a 30s execution time error. Can't figure this one out, there must be a loop somewhere as increasing that came back to a 800MB memory limit!

Edit 2: Solved! I'll send you an e-mail with details.

Hi @DonPachi,

I'm having the same issue, how did you solve it? 

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@joshuag Thanks for all of you hard work on this module. I agree w/ @chcs re: "The admin field, screens, and some of the tools you provide are very slick... but the object for custom output is harder to figure out, or simply not that useful depending on the nature of recurrence (or not). ".

I am making it work with all the additions you have made (from the feature requests posted in the forum) and from many of the great posts from the wonderful PW community.

I am having an issue w/ a second implementation of your module. When rendering the calendar, the ajax does not work when clicking to the prev/next month. The calendar simply disappears. I have verified the location of the recurme-ajax.php file in my templates/ directory etc...

"Please make sure that your site contains a hidden page home/recurme-ajax/ using the template "recurme-ajax" and that you have a matching file in your site/templates/ folder. IF for some reason this file is missing, you can copy the template file from the InputfieldRecur/templates/recurme-ajax.php"

I've compared my recurme-ajax.php file w/ InputfieldRecur/templates/recurme-ajax.php. They are identical.

When clicking prev/next in the calendar, $calendar in the recurme-ajax.php file is empty. Line 40     $out .= $calendar->render($options);

I have exhausted any thoughts why this may be happening.

Is there anything you our anyone else can think of as to what would cause this?




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In case anyone else has this issue with the ajax calendar disappearing when clicking on the prev/next month.

My issue was the recurme-ajax template was prepending _init.php and appending _main.php files.

Disabling the prepend and append under the template files tab was the fix.

@adrian Thanks for digging in and discovering the cause.



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I have some difficulties with customize the lay-out.  I have a custom calendar and want to put the month with navigation on top of it (in place of 05 = month may).   Is there an API call $recurme->month()->next  ?  Is there an api call $recurme->month()->prev ?

Screen Shot 05-18-19 at 08.20 PM.PNG

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  • 1 month later...

We purchased the module in August and have run into some issues now that we've had a chance to implement it.

Code > $event = $recurme->event($page);
Result > Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$timeEndUnix in .../site/modules/Recurme/MarkupRecurme.module on line 856 

Robin raised this issue earlier in this thread and, if a solution was found, it wasn't shared or implemented in the downloads.

Update 12/13/2019


$timeEndUnix = $data->timeEndUnix;


  $timeEndUnix = $data->timeEndUnix;
} else {
  $timeEndUnix = false;

Removes the error, but I suspect that I was trying to use the method in the wrong way/context given a misunderstanding of the documentation. I'm having to use the JSON decode method (example: $times = json_decode($page->event_times)), with a lot of template-level processing, to populate my event detail pages. Is that the best way?

[/End Update]


itsberni and others have asked about handling time variance for a recurring event, which strikes me as a rather essential feature. Has anyone found a solution or workaround for this? I suspect that adding a second recurme field to an event page will lead to a lot of pain elsewhere (but I could be wrong), and cloning an event's page to support another time would require me to implement measures to connect the clones (doable, but sloppy from both an admin and user standpoint).


A couple of items which may help others:

  1. The "Repeat Never" switch does nothing for me out of the box (other than hiding the rest of the options) as every single-day event I entered was automatically being assigned a default value of End Never and repeating 2,800 days. I had to hack both the rrule-gui.js and InputfieldRecurme.module files to default to After 1 Time(s) to rectify this issue.
  2. Commenting out -- results.find('.inner').scrollTop(0); -- in rrule-gui.js, around line 1153, will save a lot frustration for anyone needing to exclude multiple dates from a results table.
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just a question ... Is this module now free or ...? As I can see you can download a "free" copy of Recurme from the site, but it's not working because you still need a license key. If it is free to try is it possible to get a license somehow? 

If it is no longer supported not sure if I would pay for it. 

Thank you


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4 hours ago, Roych said:


just a question ... Is this module now free or ...? As I can see you can download a "free" copy of Recurme from the site, but it's not working because you still need a license key. If it is free to try is it possible to get a license somehow? 

If it is no longer supported not sure if I would pay for it. 

Thank you


In MarkupRecueme.module file. 
Line 1082
Change the first “false” to “true”:
private function i(){$this->v = false;} // change to true;
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On 2/21/2018 at 10:46 AM, adrian said:

1) It looks like the UiKit theme issues are fixed

Hi @adrian, I'm having this same issue with the display but I'm using the most recent version of Recurme and PW. Do you remember how this was resolved or can you point me in the right direction? I know this plugin isn't supported anymore but it looks like it does exactly what I need so I'm hoping I can make it work. Does anyone have plans to take over management of this module? Any help is most appreciated, thank you!! 🙏



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5 hours ago, Ben Sayers said:

Hi @adrian, I'm having this same issue with the display but I'm using the most recent version of Recurme and PW.

You're dragging up some traumatic memories here 🙂 I'll PM my version of the module that mostly works, but still has some limitations because the module uses the non-timezone enabled version of moment.js and it's using a really old version so when you go to update to a recent version and use the timezone enabled version, lots of other things break, etc, etc.

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27 minutes ago, adrian said:

You're dragging up some traumatic memories here 🙂 

Yeah, I'm getting that impression after tinkering with it for the weekend. Should I even bother with it, do you think it's a viable solution or more trouble than it's worth? I did receive the PM, thanks!

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15 hours ago, Ben Sayers said:

Yeah, I'm getting that impression after tinkering with it for the weekend. Should I even bother with it, do you think it's a viable solution or more trouble than it's worth? I did receive the PM, thanks!

Ben - I think the inputfield interface of this module is really nice so it does still have potential. This is obviously just my opinion, but I think the way the data is stored and searched needs an overhaul - it's got some real performance and flexibility problems. I think if someone was to update the way it stores the data and to properly incorporate the timezone enabled version of momentjs, it could be a really great tool, but as it is, I do think it's more trouble than it's worth.

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Speaking of strange behaviours... despite not having changed a single thing with our Recurme installation since early January, it's now returning EXCLUDED DATES with both $recurme->find and $recurme->renderCalendar for any month that's shorter than 31 days. I have no idea why. The Recurme debug report shows no anomalies between months. This issue would have been very noticed for us had it been present in February, and the events that are broken now are the ones we used to build and validate the system. Check your sites. It may have triggered following the leap year date and was difficult to notice since March was not affected.

My event pages (luckily) bypass the Recurme module to work directly with the page-related JSON-entry in the database, so no issues there. Others may not be so lucky.

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We have also noticed issues w/ Recurme dates displaying incorrectly. Similar idea as Arcturus, nothing had changed in months. What we found was the issue was triggered on a month that contained 31 days. From my re-collection it might have also affected the month by bumping it by one month. I'll post the fix that worked for us a bit later this evening.

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