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Error Wire Mail SMTP Module : it were not specified any valid recipients

Sonia Margollé

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I have a big problem that I totally don't understand and it's becoming really really problematic because it's on a online shop.

The module was working before, with some "cannot connect to smtp-server!" but not so much.

But since some weeks, there is "Error in hnsmtp::send : it were not specified any valid recipients" a lot, like really a lot. But if I test the configuration of the module, that says everything's ok.

I would really like some help :( 

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Yes, but I don't understand because, without changing anything, most of the time it work perfectly and sometimes, I have this error. With the same recipient ! 

I use it like this : $mail->sendSingle(true)->to($dest)->bcc($dest_admin);

$dest and $dest_admin are email.
The emails are corrects.  

If there's something wrong then why, with the same to and bcc, it can work and 10 second later, not ?



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I have a similar problem too: sending the email sometime does work and sometime it doesn't.

In Admin > Setup > Logs > Wiremailsmtp_errors I get:
Error in hnsmtp::send : 550 5.1.0 lpSZ2001L2kwbrt01pSZZZ invalid domain
But in Admin > Modules > Wire Mail SMTP the test settings appear to work correctly.

What could the problem be? 

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