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Devri - breton dictionary


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Devri is a "diachronical" breton language dictionary, in french language. (= a dictionary referencing words usages and evolution through time...)

It contains 60K words, and counting.

This project was supposed to be a simple upgrade to an existing (and recent) site built with symfony. However, the initial setup had so many problems I chose to rebuild it from the ground with PW. Search speed being the main focus here, most of my time was spent cleaning the source data. (DB was 280 Mo. It is now 60 Mo). The site itself is quite basic (although we have plans for future improvements with more advanced features)

Techs :

- PW 3.042

- Bootstrap / SASS

- Nginx

Modules used :

- Ajax search

- Import pages from CSV

- DB backup

- Hanna code

- custom one

Users are very pleased with the responsiveness. Admins seem to really enjoy the default admin tools (clear and simple). They managed to set up an efficient collaborative workflow.

PW definitely made some new friends here. 

Thank you, PW. :)



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