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HTTP header redirect problem (HTTPS)


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The last days two new sites went online and both got a SSL certificate installed.

But one has a HTTP problem, although both are configured the same (seem to be). When I run 

curl -I -L https://www.example.com/


it gets redirected to itself again and again. I had a HTTPS redirect in my .htaaccess but have removed it. The home template was configured to use only HTTPS but is now configured to accept both. If I change that to HTTP only, I get and error.

The origin must come from PW, because all files not processed by PW don't have the redirect problem.

I had a look at the /site/assets/cache/ folder but don't know what to delete. And there is a cache table in the DB as well. Don't know either if I can just delete its entries.

Apache 2.4.18 
PHP 7.0.11
PW 3.0.42
No dedicated cache installed, no cache activated in PW

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