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If URL or path contains

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if ($page->path == "/blog/posts/"){
echo "<script type='text/javascript' src='//'></script>";

I'm trying to output a script on my blog posts only. They're all children of /blog/posts/ so I thought the above might work.

That seems to work only when the page loaded is exactly /blog/posts/

How can I tweak this to work on any page containing /blog/posts/ in it's URL / path and not just  /blog/posts/ ? 

I've been to the API and tried a few  variations using the following

if ($page->path *= "/blog/posts/")

but I think they're more selectors for fields?

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You can use strpos() function

if (strpos($page->path, "/blog/posts/") === 0){
	echo "...";


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if($page->matches("has_parent=/blog/posts/")) {


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