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Correct Timezone Setting in Config?


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I installed a module and noticed that the "Installed Date" in Module Information showed "2 hours from now".  I also noticed that after I modified a page, the "Last Modified Date" showed the date and time, plus in parenthesis "2 hours from now".

I am in Eastern (New York) time, the server is in Central (Dallas) time, and the physical location of the entity for whom I built the site in in Pacific (Los Angeles) time.  When I installed the site, I changed the timezone to Los Angeles (if I recall correctly, it defaulted to Dallas), so now in my config file I have:

$config->timezone = 'America/Los_Angeles';

My question is twofold:
1. Should $config->timezone correspond to the servers timezone, or my (or the client's) timezone?
2. Is there any problem if it's set incorrectly?


PW 3.0.42

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