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Basically I have created a website 'builder' , in ProcessWire, and how I would like it to work, is that a user signs up, on the main website, and it creates their account, which then gives them access to the website builder being their own website. Similar to how Square Space works.

I'm not sure how to go about the multiple sites at all, if anyone could give me some pointers?

Cheers, Sam.

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Do you think it would be wise to use multiple sites in that way?

Because each site is completely separate from every other site essentially. But I also need to be able to manege them all (updates, users etc)


Originally, I was going to have separate cPanel account and PW installations for each user. But this is difficult to manage future updates (from PW and myself), and share user data from the user list on the main website (like password sync etc).


However, the site folder and wire folder will remain THE SAME for each install, the only difference will be the data, pages etc.

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Hi @xfroggy

mostly depends on your needs. I was thinking that you need separate domain or subdomains for every site/user. If so, I think that multisite module is the way to go. I didn't use it by myself, but read that it is possible.

As another variant, you can create additional separate page for every user ( do it in register step ), and then put all users specific pages under its page. 

So you can create next url structure of your site:




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I'm using AdminRestrictBranch module on a similar site. There is only one code base and I use the URL to check which site to load. In the admin site owners can only see/manage their own pages. Some owners have custom domain and they all point to the same directory on the server.

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