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PW tries to access IP without Revers-DNS, delayed response


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sorry, hope this isn't PW off-topic,- actually i am not sure yet.

One Domain with PW installed (latest 2.7) performs only with a very, very slow response. So i wrote a mail to the Hoster-Support because i haven't a clue what causes this behavior.

Their answer was: "The script calls a IP per SSL, which response is heavily delayed. The IP has no Reverse-DNS Entry. [*IP adress*]".

"Script" means PW, i suppose. But still i have no idea how to solve this. I tried to exclude the IP address within the htaccess. No luck. I temporarily pulled out the installed modules (deleting the directories per FTP, as i don't get into the admin because of a timeout). No Luck. I am running out of ideas...

Any hint how to solve this or for further investigation are highly appreciated! ;-)

Thanks and greets  

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Block the ip in your firewall and see where the error does come up. Also editing the .htaccess won't help anything because it's used for incoming request not outgoing ones. You could try to log WireHttp usage, which I think is used by core modules with outgoing requests.

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Thanks for your reply. 

It seems the ProcessImageMinimize (inactive since some time now) caused the outgoing ping. But, strangely enough, only on this domain/PW installation. PW Installations on other domains with these also installed Module shows no disruption.

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