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strange problem with DB dump and $config->urls at localhost


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Hi there,

today i run in a very strange Problem. I downloaded a DB dump from a working processwire site (online) and importet it.
When i use this DB with my local development version of the site the $config->urls seem to be "broke".  
But only as long as i am not logged in to the admin pannel! FYI the online version is just a copy of my local version with
one difference - i had to change a RewriteRule in the .htaccess because the online version works with a VirtualDocumentRoot.

And now here comes the next very strange thing:
When using the DB dump and  $config->urls isent working (points only to localhost:8888/) and i make changes in the home.php
they dont show up when i refresh the local version in browser. I can even delete everything in home.php and the browser still shows
the broken version of the site. I mean that's more than strange or?

Anybody any idea to this mess? Would be glad because i realy stuck here. Thanks in advance.

Best regards Simon 

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In this case at a time i had setup the cache module with an timeout of a month ... but dunno why i uninstalled it later.
I use mainly chrome with dev tools and set cache to disabled. BTW it happens in all my installed browsers - xcode simulator
and my android phone.



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