two different repeaters cloning repeater fields

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I am creating a template that have two repeater fields:

- One for "slideshows" images, other for "highlights" images

The field "slideshows" has a "slideshow_images" field (image type) to be repeated

and the fields "highlights" should have the field "highlights_images" field (image type) to be repeated.

What is happening is when I add the the "slideshow_images" to the field "slideshows" the field "slideshow_images" is also added to the field "highlights"

and if I had the field "highlights_images" to the "highlights" field the "slideshow_images" in the field "slideshows" is replaced by the "highlights_images" field.


I already deleted all fields and create from scratch and the result is always the same.

I am using the Processwire 3.0.39.


Can anyone explain what is happening?

Thank you

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I found the problem.

After uninstall the module "AutoExportTemplatesAndFields"  the problem was solved the repeater fields now have different fields

and when I change the field in one does not affect the other repeater fields.


Thank you.

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