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Image field in news post


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Hello guys, how can I view the image field? I need to view the Image associated to the post of the news. Thank you


echo "<div class='row'>";
	$stories = $page->children("limit=4, sort=-date");

	foreach($stories as $story) {
	   echo "
			 <div class='col-lg-3'>
				 <img src='{$image->url}' alt='{$image->description}' />
		 echo "
       <div class='col-lg-9'>
				 <h1><a href='{$story->url}'>{$story->title}</a></h1>
	       <p><strong>Date:</strong> {$story->date}</p>

echo "</div>";


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<img src='{$story->imagefieldname->url}' alt='{$story->imagefieldname->description}' /> // single image field
<img src='{$story->imagefieldname->first()->url}' alt='{$story->imagefieldname->first()->description}' /> // multiple images selecting the first


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