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DocPaddock.com MotoGP and F1 predictions game


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Hi !

Please welcome https://www.docpaddock.com/en/

It's a brand new rebuild of an old project called Trajectons.com (not online any more).

It's a competition of predictions. You have to guess some podiums in MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 categories or F1 (I'm a MotoGP fan).

You have a free plan, another one where you can buy an avatar generator, and a Pro one to unlock some cool features.

I knew nothing about PW a few months ago and its community helped me a *lot*. I wouldn't have be able to do this without your help.

So thank you and have a look if you're into that kind of sports competition ;)

You can still sign up before the first Grands Prix seasons : it starts this sunday (26/03).


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Hi @Doc

I like it, but have several remark.

There is no favicon.

You should you hreflang on pages where you have translations:

 rel='alternate' hreflang='en-GB'

Why don't you use any minifications? You can use AIOM to combine and minify your js, css and minify your html output. 

And maybe you would set some small left and right padding to 

.big-menu-item > div > p


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hi @Zeka,


Thanks for your feedback ! I know there is some tuning to do, at the moment I'm preparing the backend stuff for the sunday races.

I'm alone on this project and can't deal with everything on the same day but I'll improve the website day after day.

favicon, minify are now planned, thx ;)



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