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200+200+200 Field-Text/url/textarea into 1 Template

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Hi, excuse me but I need any suggest...

I want to create 1 page of my site with 200 plants, 200 description and 200 link to another page.

I begin put in 1 Template 2 field-text, and I see that it appear in Field-List!
If I create 200+200+200 field... I see all in tha list!


If I create 200 article by filed-textarea, I don't see it in Field-List!
I create yet 75 article in 75 pages, but I don't see it in Field-List!

What I don't understand? :/  

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Hi - I'm totally not following your post.

However, based on your 2nd sentence, this would be my answer:

  1. Create template called plant
    1. add 3 fields
      1. Title (default)
      2. Type: textarea; Title: Description (optionally use CK editor)
      3. Type: page reference; Title: Page Select (page_select); configure this to select the link to another page
  2. Create template called plant-index
    1. one field, title;
    2. configure the family settings to allow children of template plant
    3. configure the allow new pages to 1
    4. Create a new page using this template
  3. Go back to plant template and family settings, no children and plant-index for allowed parent
  4. Go to the page tree and hover over the Plant Index, then 'new' - this will give you a new plant
  5. Add your title, description and select the page you want to link to, save
  6. Repeat steps 4-5, 199 more times.
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