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How to build a job board


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Hi everyone! I'm Carlos, nice meeting ya all!

I want to build a simple job board similar to https://weworkremotely.com, but with Paypal integration. Job submissions would only be posted after payment via Paypal.

Is it possible to build it with ProcessWire? If so, could you please point me any tutorials, tips, anything that could help me getting start?

PW has been on my radar for a while now, and I'd love to be able to build this project with it!!?

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Hello Carlos! Welcome aboard!

Your application can certainly be developed with ProcessWire. Not knowing your experience developing applications, I can only point you to the tutorial section, and to the ProcessWire blog, as places to begin.

If you already have something designed, you can always ask for specific advice. Everyone here will be glad to help.

Again, welcome.

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Welcome @carloswinkel

ProcessWire frontend "templates" are called "site profiles" and while there are plenty free ones to choose from, I can't think of anything which might provide what you need out of the box. There is only one commercial site profile, but that one might be a bit off topic: http://seavuel.com/ however, even this site profile is not "updatable" anyway, so you are free to change anything in the ProcessWire world as long as you do not change the core (files in /wire)

There exists a PayPal module: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/payment-paypal/ PW 3 compatibility is not stated, but it does not mean it can't work, it just means the developer had not had the time to sort it out. Should you have issues with it, you can ask the developer Apeisa, who is still heavily involved in ProcessWire development so I guess this module should be supported in the future as well.

Regarding tutorials, I recommend this one:

and this one:


Hope this helps. Also, as @rick said: "...you can always ask for specific advice..." :) 

9 hours ago, carloswinkel said:

Is it possible to build it with ProcessWire?

Anything is possible with ProcessWire, but you will need to code. However, it is relatively easy to put together complex solutions with PW.

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5 hours ago, carloswinkel said:

I was wondering if by any chance PW offers a starter template or plugins for job boards with Paypal integration?!

If you're asking for ready to use plugins I doubt ProcessWire is the correct system for you. There are various modules for processwire, but they tend to keep a small footprint and most don't even create any predefined markup. While it's still a nice system you'd need to be able to implement (at least most of) your business logic on your own. In regards to webapps we're probably closer to some php framework than we are to wordpress, where you just have to install some stuff. So it really depends on your skillset and/or willingness to learn some things on the way. 

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