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How do you deal with repeating editable page 'blocks' in PW?


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(apologies if this looks too similar to previous topic I created, seems more logical as a new topic)

I'm curious if anyone here is implementing something along the lines of Drupal's block / Joomla's custom (editable) module functionality?

In other words, areas that are editable in the backend, that can be placed on multiple pages without needing to re-enter the content on each page it is used.

I tried to do this using a page as a block, and then field type Page (to get a page within a page), but this led to issues with rendering, and more important this creates an object $page->fieldtypePage which is exceptionally large, so I would prefer to avoid that route.

My guess is those that do it, do it outside of PW with PHP. But the 'blocks' being editable and creatable by a site editor is important so I need to explore this or find a different solution (or tell the client no-can-do).

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I think the way you were doing it before made sense - using a Page Field Selector. Setup in the page-tree a section called "Components" or "Blocks", make sure that isn't being rendered anywhere, then reference those in a field in your front-end facing pages.

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