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blog Profile: mod to use with multi categories, disabled comments, multi blog


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Installed latest blog profile with _uikit.php

had to setup a second blog on the same installation, faced few problems

1 i needed it without comments so this field was deleted-> crash->non destructive workaround in function ukBlogPost(Page $page, $options = array()) {


    $n = $page->comments->count(); //col 662

2 category page changed, (each blog like setup requires its own category page) can be anything by default 'categories' added option to ukblogpost-> echo ukBlogPosts($posts,['category'=>'expo_tags']);

non destractive change

	$defaults = array(
		'summarize' => null, // Display blog post summary rather than full post? (null=auto-detect)
		'metaIcon' => 'info',
		'moreIcon' => 'arrow-right',
		'moreText' => __('Read more'), 
		'categoryIcon' => 'hashtag',
		'bylineText' => __('Posted by %1$s on %2$s'), 
        'category' => 'categories',  <-- new line

     $metaIcon = ukIcon($options['metaIcon']);
	$moreIcon = ukIcon($options['moreIcon']);
	$categoryIcon = ukIcon($options['categoryIcon']);
    $cat=$options['category']; <-- new line
$categories = $page->$cat->each($categoryIcon .  <--categories replaced for $cat 
		"<a class='uk-button uk-button-text' href='{url}'>{title}</a> "

3 Problem, Is it possible to extend ukblogPosts to display calendar , events, date event table, 

really need simple solution for php newbie

4  ready.php hooks??? do i need to add new ? for new blog type pages? cant understand how it affects blogpost , so what is the function of default hook in log profile?? 

5 _main.php (html menu) needed to add/extend  extra page -> manual dirty  solution

					<?=ukNavbarNav($p, [ 
						'dropdown' => [ 'basic-page', 'categories' ]

doesnt like this solution/ is there a simpler way to combine 3 arrays or just page ids for ukNavBar ->call


i realy like new templates functionality, great work

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