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Custom Field in Page SettingsTab

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Hi Everyone,

i couldn't find a way to put a custom field into the settings tab

i'd need that field only as a superuser, to hide pages from my own search engine.
best would be a custom status, but a checkbox in the settingstab would be the smoothest solution

i wasn't able to find anything like that in the forum so far.

feel free to move the thread, if i am in the wrong subforum

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Here's a short snippet for site/ready.php that hooks after ProcessPageEdit::buildForm and moves a regular field (named "testfield here") from the Content tab to Settings. The methods used are from the InputfieldWrapper class.


wire()->addHookAfter("ProcessPageEdit::buildForm", null, "moveFieldToSettings");

function moveFieldToSettings(HookEvent $event) {
	$form = $event->return;
	$field = $form->find("name=testfield")->first();
	if($field) {
		$settings = $form->find("id=ProcessPageEditSettings")->first();
		// Alternatively, find a specific field to insert before/after:
		// $settings = $form->find("name=template")->first();
		if($settings) {
			// In the alternative, insert before or after the found field:
			// $form->insertBefore($field, $settings);


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You could also just use the field access settings to not show the field to anyone besides superusers.

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@LostKobrakai - this would miss the feel of having it in the settings tab, besides yes i could make a custom settingsTab, but this would also miss my approach.

i am not looking for a quick solution more for a clean or even expandable solution.

using @BitPoet's approach , i am more flexible and able to communicate with my team and the customer.

having hidden fields through content tabs might give an irritational feel when working with customers

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