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Unable to complete this request due to an error. after update

Tom Walcher

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I f..ked it up.

Wanted to update simple contact form because it doest work (0.2?) and got errors for 1.0. Thought I should update Processwire. Just replaced wire folder and index.php. No DB Dump.

debug true, can't log in always get Unable to complete this request due to an error.

 no error logs…



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Just now, Tom Walcher said:

How you mean reload. clear cache - hard reload - same....

Could be as simple as a page load, but clearing the PW cache couldn't hurt. Might also be worth clearing the file compiler cache to make sure everything is regenerated.

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I have noticed an issue with the compiler that may be related or the cause of this issue.

If you have odd code snippets within php comments  /* **stuff** */   (eg. mismatched/nested  open/close codeblock <? or ?> then following code may NOT be passed by the compiler - leaving it without the namespacing - hence the Class missing error message.

In my own code, i was using a call to wire(), which should have been compiled to \ProcessWire\wire() but was not.

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